Deng Dawei

It's a honor that I can have this opportunity to participate in this exchange project. First, I should thank the professor Yuan Mei for her helping me preparing the material that needed for this project.

Second, thank Mr. Fischer who supervised me during this four months' time.

These days in Paderborn I have learned not only knowledge, but also gained friendship with classmates from many other countries. I still remember the days when I discussed academic problem with fellow students.

Still remember the days when go for a picnic in a nice afternoon. Still remember the days when I win the football match with my teammate.

Here are some tips which I think might help the students who want to take part in the project.


The project is about a semester time, so it's better for you to make a list or have a goal in mind so that you can achieve more by your stay. In this five months' time you may experience things that may affect you in the future.

First of all, preparation for your visa and passport will take you a month's time. So you'd better start the procedure in advance. Second, writing your resume and other material in order to send your application to the supervisor. Above all, Deutsche Bank account also may cause you some trouble.

Since it may take some days for the bank account in Germany become available, you should bring some cash with you for the first few days' expense. But don't worry about the register and other procedures after your arrival, your buddy in Paderborn will take care for you. Most German people are very nice, so never afraid to ask for help when you need one.

Weather in German is very different from China, when we first got there, it keeps snow for about half a month. So it will be wise for you to bring some coats. Camera is necessary, since you get this precious opportunity to get to Europe continent.


Since we are exchanging for doing project, taking some time to stay in the lab is truly necessary. Here we have some very nice supervisors in the GET lab, like Mr. Tobias and Mr. Fischer. They are responsible for different research field. If you want to learn something about image processing and visual simulation, Tobias will give you some task that may suit your appetite. He is a very nice guy who is very willing to teach you what you willing to learn. If you are interesting in embedded system, choosing to do a project for Mr. Fischer will be nice. The hardware equipment condition of GET lab is very good. You may learn a lot of things here if you spend enough time in the lab.

GET lab has a very special timetable. It's only open after 9 am in the Morning, and close on the 6pm in the afternoon. Always there has some lectures take place in the lab. So if you have something to work in the lab arrange your time schedule is very important.

The computer in the lab are all using Linux system, if you have the basic knowledge, it will be very easy for you to start on the project, even if you don't have, there won't be any problem. Your supervisor will be very willing to teach you about it. For each student, they will give you an account for you to do your own project or things. You can login in any computer in the lab to use your account. It makes you very convenient to use whichever computer you want if anyone take your sit.



Exchange students are free to attend any class in the university, so it's a great chance to experience the teaching style and learn something from the lecture. After every lecture they have a test for you to review the knowledge you have learn today. Of course you don't have to worry about that if you listen to the class carefully.

In the class, sometimes teacher may ask you to discuss the problem with your teammate about some knowledge points. It's very different from the teaching style in China, But i think it may stimulate the learning interesting of students.

Professor Mertsching have a lecture called robotics. It talks about the theoretical knowledge of robotics movement. If you are participating in the project relating to the rescue robot, It's very useful for you to attend this class.


Party is the mainly entertainment of German students' life. In the kitchen, in the pub or in the teaching building, students gather together to make friends, chat and have funs. They are very willing to know about the things and information from other side of the world. So it will be very interesting to chat with them.

Overcome your fear, and you will start to enjoy your life there. Every weekend the traveling group in the campus called Eurobiz will organize some trip to go around Germany. Catch these chances to enjoy the view of the beautiful country, and take some photos to show on the Facebook to share your happiness with your friends. Also you can go to other countries in Europe by plane or by bus. But always remember to book the transport in advance, or it may cost you a lot more than expected.



Paderborn University has a Chinese football team. If you are interested in football, just like me, you can join them on Saturday afternoon. There will be football league on the campus every season. Hope you may have the chance to be on the field. German guys are very skillful and energetic football player, even girls there may play football better than you. Besides, make friends with your teammates and do some barbecue with them on the weekend is a really wonderful experience.

There is also a nice swimming pool in Paderborn. On the weekend I will go there for swimming. It's very cheap if you bring the student card there. And if you are lucky, you may have the chance to try the Diving tower.

After all, I'm so glad to have this opportunity to let me spend the four months in Paderborn. Hope I can go there sometime in the future.