Ma Jiangfan

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to participate in this exchange project. This is a memorable and unique experience for me. I want thanks to the corporation between Beihang and Paderborn University. Special thanks to Prof. Mertsching, Prof. Yuan, Tobias and all the other teachers who gave me lots of help in Paderborn. At the same time, thanks to friends from all over the world shared a good time with me and thanks to some German people who helped me. Now I want to share some information with students who want to take part in the project.


The whole project is lasted for five months. Exchange students can get some information from Prof. Yuan and Tobias.
First, you should get you admission, passport and visa.
Second, the basic understanding of the culture, food and climate of German is necessary.
Third, if you have enough time, practice English will be better. It will help you in German and travel to other country.
Fourth, prepare your luggage. In fact, you don’t need to prepare too many things. You can get most things you need in German. Paderborn have several Asian supermarkets for you to buy something and maybe you can get some secondhand things from so many Chinese students who study in Paderborn.


Arrive in German:
I think take plane from Beijing to Dusseldorf is a good choice. You can take train to Paderborn and then take bus to Paderborn University. You should prepare some Euro for buy train ticket and bus ticket. Don't worry, friendly German will help you for any trouble.


Live in Paderborn:
It’s very safe in Paderborn. Most of you will live in dormitory with students from other countries. Maybe you will share kitchen and bathroom with other students, so talk with them and know some dormitory rules after you arrive in your room. Your dormitory is closely to University. If you want go to city center or train station, you can find bus stop very easily. In the city center, you can buy everything you want and find Asian shop.


Study in Paderborn:
There are some courses you can choose in GET lab and most of them are given in English. In addition, there will have a German course for exchange students. You should tell the teacher which subject you are interesting. Then, you will have a superviser to teach you something and give you some tasks. You will learn something that are very useful for your future research.


Travel in Europe:
Germany is a beautiful country. International office will offer you some trips in German. It always cheap and interesting. You can make friends with other people in the course of the journey. If you want go to the other country. You should learn more and go with some of your friends. It will be safer.