24.03.2013: Entering new exchange round: Exchange students meet on Beihang Campus

After the Paderborn exchange program was selected for another four years funding the exchange program is back in full swing.

For the start of the exchange in the summer term 2013, the fellows from Paderborn and Beijing met on the campus of Beihang University for a cultural exchange before the Chinese students set out on their exchange semester to Paderborn.

The University of Paderborn represented by Raphael Hermelingmeier, Mesut Alptekin and Thomas Westfechtel since the beginning of the summer semester, in early March.
At present, the Chinese students Sining Li, Jiang Yang Yang and Deng Dawei visit the University of Paderborn.


Sino-German meeting on the campus of Beihang University: Thomas Westfechtel, Mesut Alptekin, Raphael Hermelingmeier, Jiang Yangyang, Li Sining and Deng Dawei (left to right).

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