22.07.2008: Study and research in the Far East

From left to right: Christopher Masjosthusmann, Philipp Herder und Amin Jbabli. (Photo: Mertsching)

These days, three electrical engineering students of the University of Paderborn once again are preparing for a five-months stay at the Beihang-University in Beijing, China. Christopher Masjosthusmann, Philipp Herder and Amin Jbabli were selected to participate in this program which is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service.

In addition to attending Chinese language classes and electrical engineering courses held in English the students will participate in Chinese research groups. "For the first time it is possible to delve into the Chinese university world and establish intensive contacts to their Chinese hosts", said Prof. Bärbel Mertsching who, jointly with Prof. Joachim Böcker (both members of the Institute Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), is responsible for the Paderborn end of this exchange program. Intensive consultation of the coordinators on both side allowed the identification of research topics investigated at both universities. "Students can utilize the results obtained in Beijing for study papers and diploma theses once they've returned. This will shorten the length of study", promise both professors.



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