Shuqi Wang

Although my exchange semester in Universität Paderborn has finished, numerous unforgettable scenes just like starts often shine in my mind and recall that colorful period of time. I believe all of these will compose one of the most beautiful and meaningful memory in my life.

It is my pleasure to summarize and share my experience with other students who are going to join in the program in the future. Before the report, I would like to thank DAAD-ISAP programme, Universität Paderborn and Beihang University to build a scientific and cultural bridge for young people from Germany and China. Then, I would like to thank Prof. Mertsching, Prof. Qin, Prof. Yuan, Dr. Aziz, Mr. Kotthäuser and Mr. Fischer. It is their warmhearted guidance and generous help that make me have a rich and successful exchange semester at GET Lab. I would also like to thank Ms. Brebeck, my buddy Mr. Alfredo, International Office and Eurobiz to give me considerate care and help on my exchange programme formalities, multi-cultural activities and daily life. Besides, I would like to thank Ms. Lammers and Mr. Kuhmann to take me into the world of German language patiently. Last but not least, I would like to thank my partners, Houzhen Wei, Zhenbiao Zhou, Fan Zhang and my classmate, Salman khan, to develop many helpful discussion with me on my life and study. Through this programme, I have thought a lot and acquired a lot from German higher education, history, language, culture and society. I really appreciate those people who ever helped me during my life in Germany.

Plan For The Exchange Programme

Before the exchange programme, in my home university Prof. Qin and I drew up a detailed plan which aims to improve my research ability and broaden academic views for my master dissertation. Considering both the solid research foundation of GET Lab and my research topic, vision-based learning system for fruit blemish inspection, the research plan tries to find a appropriate combination of visual attention mechanism and machine learning method to resolve practical problems, such as the inspection of apple blemish. Thanks to Prof. Mertsching's arrangement, I could meet Dr. Aziz and exchange ideas on solving practical problems. Dr. Aziz's suggestions provide me a new idea to resolve my current task and that may be more useful in industry.

Scientific Course Study at GET Lab

During the exchange semester, I was luckily to experience the real higher education in Germany. I selected three courses in the semester. The general impression to German Higher Education could be summarized as three points: practical course, elaborate experiment and advanced equipment. In Digital Image Processing course, I studied more practical methods on image segmentation, edge detection and motion estimation and applyed some methods on my master dissertation. In Robotics course, I studied Kinematics theory and will apply what I learned to the manipulators in my home university. Cognitive Systems in Virtual Reality is my favourite course because I not only got to learn a new simulation method and tools like openGL and 3Dmax from the teacher, but also communicated and shared ideas with many excellent classmates, which made a innovative and spectacular course. Especially, I would like to thank Dr. Aziz and Mr. Kotthäuser for their generous help and guidance on CSVR and Robotics courses. Furthermore, a talk with Prof. Mertsching about future career planning gave me a deep impression. Her detailed and patient analysis on current employment situation and introduction to PhD programme in GET Lab illuminated my way in the future and benefited me a lot. Thanks a million!

German Language Study

If IT skill is likened to a path linking a new industry, then the language should be a wide street accessing to a new world. With excitement and curiosity, I started my first German courses. Mr. Kuhmann is my first German language teacher. Although he was often strict to his students and his rigorous attitude of teaching brought me pressure, actually, he is a really nice and humourous man. Sometimes, I can find his proud smile and feel his love to his family when he talked about his daughter and wife and sometimes I can also feel his sense of humour when students made mistakes about cultural difference. With his help, I passed A1 level successfully. Ms. Lammers is my second teacher on language course. Her passionate teaching style and constant encouragement to students won her much love and esteem from all the students. One of my classmates, Kemi, from Hungary, even said she would like to take one thousand lessons taught by Ms. Lammers. So far, I still can't forget the chess game that was induced by Ms. Lammers for improving our ability on making sentence. The happy moment when Ms. Lammers and we four students played the chess game together will be treasured in my heart forever. I would like to continue to learn German as one of my hobbies because I can feel happy and confident on Ms. Lammers's courses.

Colorful Activities Organized by Eurobiz

The colorful activities hold by Eurobiz have brought me so many surprise in my exchange semester. Followed with the elaborated visiting plan of Eurobiz, I was often shocked by ancient architectures, holy paintings and religious decorations. Therefore, I got to know a lot of common sense on German history, culture, architecture and cities. The big cities like Aachen, Düsseldorf and Köln always make me excited because their perfect combination of modern and ancient atmosphere while the small cities like Detmold and Hameln always make me quiet down because they are so peaceful and comfutable. I would like to thank the organizers, Eurobiz, for their considerate care and arrangement in each visit. Besides, I would like to talk about the participants. All of them are exchange students from all over the world so in my exchange experience there were not only communication between Chinese students and German students, but also the opportunity getting to know people from all over the world. I think, the sharing ideas with people of different cultural background is extremely important for me. The growth of young people absolutely needs scientific knowledge, moreover, it also needs a balanced view of world and social skills so the exchange programme really means a lot for me.

International Friendship

During my exchange semester, I have known many friends through the courses, activities and trips. We introduce and learn about our mutual research fields, countries, food and culture. Private birthday party is always the best time to relax and play for good friends. Even the strangers could be friends after "cheers!" or "prost!". I am very glad to know many friends from Germany, France, Italy, Romania,Hungary, Britain, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Canada, America, Pakistan, Japan and Korea and I also appreciate their help. Paul is my "buddy" appointed by International Office for solving problem at the beginning of my arrival in Germany. I could clearly remember the moment when he picked me up at train station at my first arrival in Paderborn. And with the following days, he helped me to get to know the public transportation, transect exchange formalities, student ticket, bank account, dorm check-in, campus tour and so on. His help suddenly makes me feel just like at hometown! The Friendship does not have the national boundary. I will treasure it forever and transfer the kind help to more people who needs it in the future.

When I was going back to my country, more emotions in my heart was nostalgia because I really had so many beautiful memories in Paderborn, Germany. Some day, I would like to devote myself to improve the cooperation and understanding of our two countries.

Auf Wiedersehen Meine Freunden! Auf Wiedersehen Paderborn! Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! Ich liebe euch!