Fan Zhang

My experience in Paderborn during the past 5 months was very nice, which will be the best memory in my life. During my staying there, I leant a lot of theories about image processing. What’s more, now I know more about Germany and Europe.

That was the first time for me to go aboard. I can still remember the moment when I arrived at Frankfurt on 2 March. Everything is fresh to me. In the first two weeks , I adjusted myself to life in Germany. After two weeks, I began to get used to German food and public transportation, which used to be a big problem for me due to my lack of German language.

When I studied there, I took three courses including German language course, Robotics and Image Processing. I finally got 10 credits from the German language course. Teacher Kulgman and Ursula gave me a deep impression. They are so kind and patient with us. I think I will continue to learn German in the rest of my life. Now I can speak a lot of German sentences. I worked at the lab almost everyday when I was there. I had done some experiments about object detection and tracking in video. I leant lots of image processing technical skills. I used background subtraction algorithm to get the moving object from the video. Then I used different algorithms to process the front image to get the information about the moving object, which would be used as state information in the tracking part. I knew the application of snakes and region growing algorithm in contour detection.

During my staying there, I met a lot of guys from all over the world. I used to hang out , have parties and play basketball at ahornsport park. That was wonderful. I felt the cultural differences and knew more about other countries. I saw Germans’ love for party, beer and football. I knew people from south of India eat food with their hands. I knew the supermarket in Germany would close on Sunday, which was strange to me, because in China people usually go shopping on Sunday. I also traveled to some other places with my friends in my spare time. after spending some time in other countries. I felt life and culture of those countries.

I really cherish my life in Germany. I have leant a lot from this experience. I learnt lots of image processing technical skills. I also made many friends from all over the world. I felt cultural difference of European countries and knew the German lifestyle. I think I will keep this beautiful memory in my mind and share this wonderful experience with my families and friends.